The aid projects by The Mutomo Projects aim at giving the community support to help themselves and to create participation and commitment. Our projects build on active contributions from the community in the form of labour, transport and material where possible.


The drought that prevails for long periods in Mutomo gives high priority to projects that improve access to fresh and clean water. We support the construction of water tanks for families, schools and village communities. In addition, a big earth dam was built in 2009 to serve several thousand people and livestock in a project together with the Machakos RC and with support from The Rotary Foundation. The water that is collected in dams or tanks is not clean and projects for treatment of water therefore are important. It is possible to extract water through boreholes, but without treatment this is most often too salty for consumption or irrigation. A project for desalination of water therefore is implemented.
Recently we have, however, been able to hit deep fresh water reservoirs by applying advanced geological technology. (see movie below!)

Fresh Water drilling

School projects

The need is great for building new schools and repairing existing schools and the contribution from the government is not sufficient. The standard of the schools is low. Support of schools, including construction and repair, is therefore part of our program.

Sustainable development

Many projects aim at promoting sustainable development. The formation of microcredit groups or revolving fund groups is the basis for these projects. The members of the groups save a small sum each month and take loans from the group fund, with an internal interest that adds to the fund. Groups that are successful are offered external loans to increase the capital for business. Projects for sustainable development in, for example, poultry, dairy goat breeding, tree plantations and improved agricultural methods are based on the participation of these groups.

Individual support

In Mutomo, many individuals are at risk. The number of orphans is high, alcoholism and violence is common, which both contribute in many families to their misery. Support to vulnerable individuals is given most often as gifts from individual sponsors, but in the pilot projects concerning poultry and diary goats, the revolving fund groups Ngiluni Widows group and AIC Kakunio orphans group are included.


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To strengthen heart and social ties among the teenagers we also arrange leagues in e.g. soccers and floor ball for about 500 teens all year through. The distribution between boys and girls is even. The sports activities create new platforms for teens looking for identity.

Family Planning

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One of the main reasons to the low standard of living is the large number of children per family. Each project concerns approx. 400 participants. About 40 communicators are educated per project, upon which these visit the area and inform the people concerned. This is followed by larger meetings and individual treatment.
Apart from information on HIV, the project entails also health information and vaccinations.
The projects include also men, which is a necessary for a successful implementation.